That's our goal.

PANDA is an initiative, events and a network for women in leadership positions.

PANDA brings ambitious and skilled women together that want to be coached on a personal and professional level.

PANDA helps companies to find women for leadership positions.

PANDA creates unique events that inspire.


PANDA Drink & Drive #17 @ Accenture

25. July 2017

PANDA Breakfast Club Düsseldorf

20. July 2017

PANDA Breakfast Club München

15. July 2017

PANDA Drink & Drive #18 @ PAYBACK

14. July 2017

PANDA Breakfast Club Zürich

10. July 2017

PANDA Breakfast Club Berlin

1. July 2017

PANDA Breakfast Club Stuttgart

15. June 2017

PANDA Breakfast Club

10. June 2017

PANDA Dinner Club Düsseldorf

9. June 2017




26.10.2019 / FRANKFURT


Until today, about 1500 women participated in at least one of our PANDA contests. Here are some insights from participants of the PANDA contests.

PANDA offers a great opportunity to connect with, learn from, and mutually support other women who have the will and the skills to lead while having a lot of fun!

Bettina MaischSenior Key Expert Consultant Industrial Design Thinking, Siemens AG

I am proud to be a part of a group that connects and assembles so many kindred spirits and in doing so has realized an incredible network - a true community - for female leaders supported by empowering partner brands. Well done!

Jeanette OkwuCMO, LiQID

Wow, what a day! That was really exhausting. It was a packed day - packed with people, packed with talks, packed with topics. It was amazing that the topic of “DIGITAL” encompassed everything. I am just very interested in that and it was extremely inspiring. I will definitely come back. PANDA!

Johanna ScheerAccount Director at Wunderman GmbH

Large corporation and young startups can learn even more from each other - when you move away from the common klischees and you experienced the working method in reality. It requires more crossers in both directions that dare to leave the used working contexts and stable career paths.

Dr. Julia DittrichVice President, Head of Projects, windeln.de SE

PANDA is a unique combination of networking and career event and challenge. All aspects focus on the topic of leadership combined with great, talented women. PANDA changed my life! After the PANDA day I was so inspired and empowered by the feedback of the other participants that I started my long-hedged idea of a blogazine on the next day.

Aimie-Sarah Carstensen-HenzeFounder, ArtNight

I think it is extremely important that women are present in leadership to have role models. There are not that few but they lack the self-confidence and they do not show themselves. PANDA shows role models and makes an exchange possible. That’s why I am a part of it.

Katharina SchüllerInhaberin STAT-UP GmbH & Co. – Founder Deutsche Fondsgesellschaft SE Invest

PANDA represents to me honest support of female leaders. The contest offers a framework for exchange, but also mutual challenging. It has been rare that I experienced people begrudging the success and expressing the respect for each other so much. At PANDA it is not about profiling of a single person, but rather about the spirit of the community. For me, this is a modern form of networking.

Nicola BreyerHead of Commercial Growth Strategy PayPal DEATCH

At first, I thought PANDA was one of the many networks that were just booming and wanted to tick it off. But then, out of curiosity, I signed up for a PANDA contest. What happened was incredible! So many talented, open-minded, interested, smart and witty women in a heap, who helped each other. And best of all: There was a lot to laugh about. Since then I am PANDA-infected.

Nicole BastienGeschäftsführerin mbw GmbH

With the inspiration and the energy of the PANDA network, we can change the world. Together, we use this positive spirit of optimism to empower women for leadership positions. How?
Through not having the feeling to have to be like men but by succeeding with our female strengths.

Dr. Elisabeth FrankIT Project Managerin, XClinical GmbH