The PANDA Women Leadership Network connects ambitious women leaders from all industries and offers them a platform for exchange, networking and further development.

Whether start-up, medium-sized or corporate, NGO, institution government agency or founder: PANDA brings together experienced female managers and young talents from very different fields who have one thing in common:

They want to develop personally and professionally and actively support each other.


You can join the network by participating in one of our PANDA Contest-Events:

With the invitation to one of our contest events you get access to the network.

You don’t have time to come to the contest? There is no contest available near you or you just can not wait anymore to be part of our network? No problem!

You can apply directly for the network if you are already in a leading position or you already have leading experience (e.g. in bigger projects). 


I am PANDA because I totally fell in love with the idea of supporting other ambitious young and experienced female leaders through PANDA. The energy on the event catched us all and continues to live in the new vibrant network we created thanks to PANDA.

What inspires you and why?

I feel inspired by women who love their job and are totally committed to keep growing their whole lives. Everyone should continue learning, reaching out to new people and develop new ideas and skills every single day. I admire women who are living this idea and help others to do the same.

Kim Dede

Consultant for business strategy and digital communication


Successful women leaders in top positions can be role models, they inspire and encourage. To really make a difference, however, you need the support of women AND men in influential positions. You are a top executive and would like to support PANDA? We are very happy about that! Please get in touch with us!

PANDA is a fresh and positive new approach to bringing together great female talents and letting each other learn and benefit from each other. As a member of the Advisory Board, I am very pleased to be able to accompany the further development of the company.

Heidi StopperUnternehmensberaterin, Business Coach & Speakerin, ehemalige Vorständin

I am a PANDA Law speaker because I think PANDA is simply great and it is an excellent opportunity to meet wonderful colleagues. Our sector is a particularly conservative one and I find it all the more pleasing and welcome when we support each other and finally leave our comfort zone!

Katharina MillerGründungspartnerin, 3C Compliance & Präsidentin European Women Lawyers Association

The automotive world is in transition: new technologies, cooperation with other industries, complex customer requirements. In order to score points with innovations, we need a variety of perspectives. PANDA Automotive is a great opportunity to discuss the future trends of our industry from a female perspective. As hosts, we look forward to intensive discussions and new impulses from the participants.

Ghazaleh KoohestanianCEO & Founder, Re2you GmbH

PANDA creates a unique atmosphere for the common work of female executives. No other network and no other event creates that. For years I have supported the great project of Isabelle and Stuart as member of the Advisory Board.

Robert FrankenConsultant Digital Business, Speaker & former CEO