The PANDA Women Leadership Contest is a networking event for women who already are experienced executives or strive for a leadership position. 100 great (potential) female leaders all from different fields and companies will attend the event.

A leadership career demands a broad skillset – and it has something of a competition sometimes: “To know when to lead and when to step back”, as a former attendee put it. That’s what women can test at the PANDA Contest. The main focus lies on networking, knowledge and experience exchange, and personal growth as a leader. The contest is one element of a very interactive and dynamic day at the end of which the top 10, elected by all participants, are being awarded.

PANDA addresses women who like to be challenged, want to grow personally, but also as a leader, and support each other in doing so. The program offers the opportunity to test their leadership skills in different team situations and holds various benefits: Networking, knowledge and experience exchange, peer feedback, the chance to be awarded, direct contact to companies and jobs and access to the PANDA Female Leaders Network.


PANDA addresses women  who have both ambition and capability for a leadership career, or are already experienced leaders. We look forward to participants from all industries and company sizes – whether they are large corporations, mid-sized or small companies, start-ups, institutions or NGOs (and much more).

You can apply for two categories:

… is aimed at experienced female leaders from all branches and industries. Apply for PANDA Executive if you have at least five years of professional experience and already hold a leadership position.

… is aimed at potential female leaders from all branches and industries. Apply for PANDA Young Talent if you have at least two years of professional experience and maybe some first leadership experience. Professional experience can also be demonstrated in the form of internships, voluntary work or student jobs, your own start-up, project or youth work etc.

PANDA Executive and PANDA Young Talent offering an opportunity for exchange between experienced female leaders and women at the beginning of their leadership career.


Looking back, there is literally nothing better I could have spent my day on than taking part in the PANDA Contest. 
I was thrilled to discover that I was spending an extremely well-organised day with incredibly inspiring, driven women. 
Women who – like me – are willing to go an extra mile. Who are keen to learn, keen to receive feedback, keen to compete –all in a collegial, deeply respectful spirit, not without the willingness to challenge or to be challenged or to be positive and fun.

Anne RojahnFounder & CEO Fast Forwarding Imaging

PANDA happened at a time when I once again needed an external benchmark for myself and my job. It was a great day from which I learned that as a leader, I was being on the right track.

Nicola BreyerHead of Commercial Growth Strategy, PayPal Deutschland GmbH

At PANDA, I was impressed by the different formats and methods which give participants insights into new fields of business and the opportunity to refine their own coaching and leadership skills. This contest offers an invaluable resource for all female leaders embarking on a leadership development journey as it presents real examples of what it takes to become a transformational female leader.

Yvonne KaniaProgram Manager, HARMAN International

PANDA is a unique combination of network event, career event and challenge. In all aspects, the topic of leadership is in the foreground, combined with great, talented women. PANDA has changed my life! After the PANDA day, I was so inspired and encouraged by the feedback and the encouragement of the other participants that I implemented my long-cherished idea of a blogazine the very next day. This has created a great female community. Not least, I became aware of PANDA on QX. So networking works too! ☺

Aimie-Sarah Carstensen-HenzeFounder & CEO, ArtNight GmbH

In my work environment, I sometimes felt like dispensable - while I learned a lot, on the human level, I often felt blocked. At PANDA, fiddling with problems with my open-minded colleagues, I realized that there was a lack of women in my workplace. The day with PANDA gave me not only an important insight, but also a good dose of self-confidence.

Marit BrademannAgile & Design Thinking Coach

PANDA in one word: WOW! For three reasons: a unique atmosphere, lots of great women and a lasting effect for your everyday life. If you’re looking for interesting like-minded people, inspiration and new experiences topped by a lot of fun, you should plan ahead and participate in a PANDA event this year!

Geeske DöringGeschäftsführung, GETEC Daten- und Abrechnungsmanagement GmbH

So much positive energy, joy and passion - I was completely inspired after the day. The chance to be inspired by so many powerful women and get so much feedback: unique. I can recommend PANDA to all women who are curious and want to test their abilities in an encouraging setting. Take the plunge and apply. It will be great for sure.

Lisa TräumerSenior Business Partner People Development, Zalando SE

For me, PANDA and the Women Leadership Contest is a truly enriching event and a network filled with opportunities to grow personally and professionally, with many remarkable women and an incredibly positive atmosphere! In short: simply inspiring. Authentic. Women empowerment!

Sarah RapschRegionale Verkaufsleiterin/Teamleitung, Mars Deutschland

PANDA showed me that leadership is more than just leading. Leadership is mutual support, empowerment and humanity. To get the most out of a PANDA event you better keep your elbows to yourself and instead open mouth and ears.

Viviane HülsmeierCo-Founder, CoPlannery

PANDA is a wonderful network of motivated, ambitious, and intelligent women. The PANDA day showed me how inspirational it can be to learn from and to push one another! The award made me unbelievably proud and the experiences during this contest still motivate me today. I recommend to participate if you want to come in close contact with role models, be open for new things, and want to act out the ambitious side of yours!

Sonja RattayInteraction Designer & Co-Founder, Block Zero AB



Dr. Tanja Wielgoß

Vorstandsvorsitzende, Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe BSR

Darya Kamkalova

Senior Data Acquisition Lead, HERE Technologies Berlin

Maria Linage

HR Manager Learning and Development, HERE

Sara Lindemann

Head of Business and Client Development, viasto

Martiene Raven

Entrepreneur & Founder, Trendcaster

Franziska Müller von der Ahé

CEO, Glutamat Kommunikation

Kerstin Prothmann

Principal Consultant, HR Pepper

Nicola Breyer

Head of Commercial Growth Strategy, PayPal Deutschland GmbH

Birte Hackenjos

Holding Directory & COO, Haufe Group

Lutz Illbruck

Managing Director, Semigator GmbH


PANDA is one of the most inspiring events for us: Thinking outside the box, networking and empowering female (young) professionals to improve their personal and professional skills. We are very happy to meet you again in Berlin to connect the female dots.

Esther JungVice President Programm Planning Operations, ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland

As a strategic partner of PANDA, we are again delighted to be part of this year’s PANDA Women Leadership Contest. Inspiration, energy and dynamics - a pure firework. We are proud to be able to accompany PANDA on the journey to spread the word on equality & women in leadership.

Melanie WalterSocial Affairs, Human Resources, Nordzucker Group